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UK Power Network

Taylor Technology Systems is the principal contractor responsible for the design, supply and installation of CCTV security systems across UK Power Network’s operational estate. We also carry out planned preventative maintenance on the security systems, and provide an emergency call-out service.

Taylor Technology Systems has extensive experience in working as Principal Contractor within the CCTV environment.

We are responsible for the installation of security systems across the UK Power Network operational estate, which entails the design, supply and installation of requisite infrastructure throughout the sites, to enable the installation of, and transmission of data from, PIDS, IDS, CCTV AACS, Lighting, and Auditable Challenges Systems, together with the overarching systems integration.

In addition, we carry out planned preventative maintenance for the security systems, including closed circuit television systems deployed on UK Power Network’s operational estate, bring primarily substations, tunnels and tunnel access.

This includes the provision of an emergency call out service, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The planned preventative maintenance visits require us to maintain asset registers for the scheduled sites, recording the type and condition of the equipment, plant and materials.

Taylor Technology Systems shall also check lighting systems for CCTV installations, and visually inspect and clean all major components including monitors, DVR, cabling, and connections for deterioration or damage.

Project Details

UK Power Network

CCTV, PPM & Reactive

November 2012 – January 2024

Across the UKPN network

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