Wireless Technology

High capacity Point to Point and Point to Multipoint external wireless networks are quickly becoming the solution of choice for reliable, secure connectivity across metropolitan areas where civil or public works to deploy underground fibre is either impossible or cost prohibitive.

With the ability to deliver bandwidth up to 10Gbps, Wireless Networks are the perfect solution for any situation where critical connectivity is required over a wide area. These may include Public Access Wi-Fi, CCTV, ANPR, Emergency Intercom or Information Kiosks, Public Address systems and Traffic Management.

In fact, Wireless Networks allow any customer to manage, monitor and maintain their IP enabled Solutions across any space where IP devices may be mobile or geographically dispersed.

With no need for groundworks and the delays and planning difficulties they can bring, building a Wireless Network is an agile, cost effective alternative to traditional Fibre Network deployment. Links can be installed in a matter of hours, not weeks or months, with no recurring leased line costs. This means you can deliver the solutions your customers demand in a quick, efficient and cost effective manner.