Health & Safety

Taylor Technology Systems Ltd are your expert partner in safety. We are committed to creating a working environment to achieve Zero Harm and improved well-being. We believe all injuries are preventable and nothing is so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely. Our Zero Harm principles are:

  • Every job will be done safely and with due care for the environment no matter how important or urgent it is.
  • Each of us has a personal responsibility for our own health and safety and for those around us.
  • Putting people to work carries a specific responsibility and accountability for safety and health, which will be visibly demonstrated.
  • Each near miss we learn from reduces the chance of harm next time.
  • Each of us will spot, report and deal with hazards to help create a harm free workplace.

Our Health and Safety Management system is continually reviewed and updated in light of new legislation, guidance from regulatory bodies and our commitment to continuous improvement.