Case Study: Life Safety Systems - Merlin

Generating much excitement amongst thrill seeking children – as well as some adults – The Gruffalo River Ride recently opened at Chessington World of Adventures. In order to keep the fun flowing, Taylor Technology Systems has installed throughout a state-of-the-art aspirating smoke detection technology from Gent by Honeywell.

Life safety is a key priority for Merlin Entertainments and with such a large number of people on site at any time, keeping them safe includes protecting them from the potentially devastating consequences of fire and smoke.

TTS specified and installed a FAAST aspirating smoke detection solution comprising three LT and three 8100E systems. FAAST is a new generation of technology that consists of an enclosure, housing the electronics that are powered from a supply, and a fan inside it that draws air in via pipes that are connected to the unit.

Routine maintenance, such as cleaning or replacing damaged filters, can be carried out easily at ground level, avoiding the requirement to close down the ride and erect scaffolding.

“We’re delighted with the public’s response to The Gruffalo River Ride and I’m confident that we have a life safety system in place that will ensure that people are kept safe while enjoying their leisure time here. TTS met the challenge I presented them with head on and I remain thoroughly impressed with the many positive benefits that the FAAST aspirating fire detection offers us.” Michelle Hicks, Project Manager – Merlin Entertainments PLC